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Who We Are

Having an effective client-centric approach, the trained search team and deliberate adaptation of emerging technology Zugang has developed its respect and trust, which makes it the most reliable service provider among the clientele.

Zugang provides expertise right from understanding your business, organizational makeup, indulging in finding the best fit for your organization, and then deploying the workforce post-basic training. Our company provides all kinds of technology solutions related to the recruitment and HR needs of companies.

The utmost concern for our clientele is to ensure long term relationships and highest quality work. We provide our services across various industries, ranging from a small start-up to multinational companies. We focus more on merging the passion and talent of employees for a successful career.

Driving Innovation and Transformation

The World is One Platform.

In today's dynamic world of work and digital transformation that continues to change the way companies do business, you need a partner that can help you drive your organizational strategy, employee engagement and business efficiency, one with experience, reach and vision to deliver comprehensive HR Outsourcing solutions.


Creating a more employable India


Grow 2X year on year


Openness | Speed | Intrapreneurship

Why do you need Zugang Manpowers Outsourced HR expertise?

People are the Biggest Asset of your Company and are Crucial for Growth.

Zugang Manpowers offers proactive service support to its clientele during each recruitment assignment. Emphasizing on quality assurance and timely deliveries. Our company ensures to provide the right person for the right job by integrating HR processes. We have creative and unique solutions that meet the client's requirements not only by realizing clientele objectives but also understanding the ethical principles of public relations. Our company involves in the end to end engagement for strengthening the relationship and improving the client experience. The administration team of our company has access to advanced software for information management and proven methodology to increase your ROI.  The primary motive of our organization is the completion of the project in a professional manner, ensuring both time and cost. What gives us an edge is our assurance of no fraud cases and proven methodology to increase the ROI. Zugang strives hard to increase productivity, profitability, and risk management. As a service provider, we make sure to provide safety to our clients from all kinds of eventualities. Our company operates within the ethics and values to foster an environment of trust, integrity, and excellence.

3 Stages for Outsourced HR Success

Think about it differently. From realistic need-to-know to disruptive thinking, our team shares concepts, insights and expertise.

Let 's talk about it

We're going to arrange a discovery call to define your HR strategic objectives and ask you a handful of questions. The purpose will be to understand your business challenges.

You're going to get choices

You will receive a cost-effective proposition for your outsourced HR results. It will be built around your budget and your in-house HR capacity. Focus will be cost optimization and quality of service.

We're going to deliver

You will work with a committed Client Relationship Manager, assisted by a specialized team to deliver on your goals. The team will operate from your premises, either remotely or in combination.


ZUGANG has a sourcing team of field agents in more than 9 physical locations across India.

Aside from this, we have a remote presence across almost all the prominent tier 2 and tier 3 cities through the country.

Our Team

Souvik Bose

Founder and CEO at ZUGANG Manpowers India Pvt. Ltd.

Pooja Salvi

Chief Operating Officer at ZUGANG Manpowers India Pvt. Ltd.


Dear Employees and Associated Stakeholders, we are in very trying times.

We urge you and your families to be safe and complete isolation to advocate the safety of not just our peers but also support the authorities who are putting their lives at risk for our safety. As an industry, let us prioritize our workforce and endorse ethical workplace practices by ensuring no pay cuts, layoffs or diminished remuneration packages.

We want to appreciate everyone who is working remotely at home while ensuring we seamlessly deliver for our clients and partners.